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Cat electronics

Modern electronic control systems can be one of the most difficult things to troubleshoot. Not only engines, but transmissions, hydraulics, steering and brakes can all be computer controlled and when this is coupled with the wide array of modern diesel injection systems; MUI, MEUI, HEUI etc, specialised knowledge is required. Our computerised diagnostic tooling and extensive experience of Caterpillar products can help get you moving again.

Cat rear engine track loaders

A hydrostatic transmission as found in heavy plant transmits power with a diesel engine (usually) driving a hydraulic pump which drives a hydraulic motor which then drives the wheels, tracks etc. Caterpillar use this system in a number of their machines but their range of rear engine track loaders, (943, 953, 963, 973) are somewhat unique.

The B series in particular utilise a system with two pumps in one housing and a complicated array of valves, hydraulic lines and linkages to keep the machine moving in a straight line and steering, spot turning and pivot turning when required. The C series have a similar system but with increased use of electronics to achieve the same result. These can all be notoriously difficult to diagnose and a lot of people steer clear of them, but not us.

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